Foot Guns Podcast

It's your trade, we show you ways to avoid shooting yourself in the foot.

Pod #35 Uniswap and Panoptic Options Listen now | UniswapV3 is a breakthrough technology in DeFi and possibly the core technology to come out of this crypto cycle.
Pod #34 EMERGENCY 69Listen now | "What's wrong with cryptos market structure and the systemic risk perpetual futures contracts bring to Bitcoin and DeFi."
Pod #33 Oh Boomer Where Art ThouListen now | Hal and Wasabi discuss potential trades around ETH merge, NVIDIA, and new crypto projects while Boomer is MIA.
Private Pod #16 Math or Trading- What Makes More Money?Listen now (91 min) | Hal and Boomer discuss Bitcoin and Nasdaq correlation breaking, FTX auto-margin coming to tradfi, jpmorgan coin, and how to make…
Pod #32 Trade Talk: Ripped Abs and Hot TakesListen now | Boomer, Hal and Wasabi discuss how to short ETH and if it still makes sense
Private Pod #15 Stable Value TokensListen now | Boomer and Wasabi discuss the risk of stablecoins
Pod #31 Trust No One And Always Look Behind YouListen now | Hal and Wasabi talk with Jasun Tate about Cyber Crisis Mitigation and Personal Security
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