Foot Guns Podcast

It's your trade, we show you ways to avoid shooting yourself in the foot.

Pod #42 What Happened at FTX? SBF, Alameda, What's Next?Listen now | "I don't know how to say this but.. a complete fraud"
Pod #41 How To Predict The Future?Listen now | Buckle up for Hal & Wasabi's wide ranging conversation with Vinay Gupta.
Pod #40 Are We All Doomed?Listen now | Doomberg joins Hal, Cletus and Wasabi to discuss the prospects for a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the USA, crypto as freedom…
Pod #39 Crypto Tornado RallyListen now | "You Don't Have To Give The Money Back Because It's a Short Covering Rally." -Cletus
Private Pod #19 Analysing Trade SetupsListen now (49 min) | The Nasdaq and S&P500 rallied into the end of last week. Bitcoin and ETH are lagging and two altcoins are pushing ahead. Trade…
Pod #38 Ask Hal Anything Listen now | A Foot Guns subscriber, Alex, chats with Hal about the history and future of Foot Guns. They discussion what makes a DAO a real DAO and…
Private Pod #18 How Bad Can It Get?Listen now | What happens if Oil goes to $75? The monthly support on our cheat sheet is $78. What would that mean for Bitcoin and the stock market? Hal…
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