Foot Guns Podcast

It's your trade, we show you ways to avoid shooting yourself in the foot.

Pod #32 Trade Talk: Ripped Abs and Hot TakesListen now | Boomer, Hal and Wasabi discuss how to short ETH and if it still makes sense
Private Pod #15 Stable Value TokensListen now | Boomer and Wasabi discuss the risk of stablecoins
Pod #31 Trust No One And Always Look Behind YouListen now | Hal and Wasabi talk with Jasun Tate about Cyber Crisis Mitigation and Personal Security
Pod #30 MAYDAYListen now | Boomer's second worst day trading ever; UST depegging
Private Pod #14 Ice Cream Eating ASMRListen now | Hal chats with Boomer as he eats ice cream on the side of the road
Pod #29 The World According to Punk 6485Listen now | Are you flipping NFTs? What NFTs are you holding?
Pod #28 The Highest Alpha Podcast In The History of PodcastsListen now (66 min) | Hal and Wasabi are joined by a DeFi-Ninja Alpha Guru, this episode drips alpha
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