Apr 29, 2022 • 1HR 11M

Pod #29 The World According to Punk 6485

Are you flipping NFTs? What NFTs are you holding?

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It's your trade, we show you ways to avoid shooting yourself in the foot.
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Crypto Punk 6485 (aka flippen.eth) joins Hal and Wasabi for this weeks public podcast to discuss:

  • When will ETH flip BTC

  • NFT Collecting vs NFT trading

  • PFP projects - punks, moonbirds, apes, doodles, cool cats

  • DeFi trading vs NFT trading

  • NFT ownership rights

  • NFT roles : utility , art, country club, sports tickets, bored ape restaurant

  • Liquidity Risk in NFT markets

  • NFT collections on Tradingview

  • Identifying new projects

  • Nesting vs Staking

  • notifi_xyz - on chain messages

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