Jun 10 • 47M

Pod #33 Oh Boomer Where Art Thou

Hal and Wasabi discuss potential trades around ETH merge, NVIDIA, and new crypto projects while Boomer is MIA.

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Providing thoughtful insights around the crypto space from Hal69K, Boomer, and Villy- our resident quant trader, global macro PM, and retail investor. Join us as we relate the basics of block chain technology to standard finance and spiral into crypto deep dives on the latest DAO discourse and crypto developments.<br /><hr><p style='color:grey; font-size:0.75em;'> See <a style='color:grey;' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer' href='https://acast.com/privacy'>acast.com/privacy</a> for privacy and opt-out information.</p>
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Update on Bitcoin and overview of what the Cheat Sheet is telling us.

The ETH / NVIDIA trade.

CREAM, Balancer and AURA.

This podcast was recorded wednesday the 9th of Junes just before the stock market closes.

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