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Pod #9 Managing Risk In Crypto Markets

Pod #9 Managing Risk In Crypto Markets

With our guest WasabiBoatResearch

WasabiBoatResearch joins us to talk about investing in crypto markets. He has his own podcast where he interviews various personalities within the DeFi space. It is fantastic and we recommend you listen to all of it if you want to learn more about DeFi.


2:00 Thoughts on Cardano

4:00 Cardano is a Crypto SPAC

7:00 WasabiBoatResearch @WasabiBoat420 Journey into Crypto

9:00 Sushi Thesis

11:00 Equities Markets

14:00 Value Investing In Crypto

19:00 Dot Com Bubble

21:00 Crypto’s Onchain advantage

22:00 Bankless Podcast

If you listen to Bankless let then know about us!

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25:00 Builder Tokens

31:00 NFT Bubble

35:00 Tether FUD

39:00 Taking losses

45:00 Life Outside of Crypto

47:00 BadgerDAO

53:00 Tether FUD

57:00 Other Large Risks in Crypto

60:00 El Salvador Bitcoin Airdrop

In case you missed it read more about our on going FGNEWS token airdrop.

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